2 Small Business Marketing Mistakes Most Owners Make

With respect to small business marketing, the secret to achieving success is to recognize that you are marketing a small business and not a huge corporation. This may sound obvious, but when it comes to advertising a business, size truly does matter! Small business marketing is very different to marketing a larger company.For example, if you were to go and search right now on ‘marketing companies’, the results delivered would list numerous advertising professionals offering to ‘brand your company’ or perhaps ‘manage your advertising campaign’. A significant percentage might also be offering to provide you with a flash website that will wow your visitors.Most of these solutions appear extremely impressive, and no doubt they are. They also have not one but two additional things in common:- They’re extremely costly- They do not work for small businessesFor those 2 reasons, entrepreneurs and small business owners need to stay clear of these kinds of services, mainly because all they’ll succeed in doing is draining your company bank account!Think about the points I’m making from your own viewpoint for a moment.When you require a plumber are you interested in how eye-catching a plumber’s business logo is? No, you just want a professional to come and repair your water pipes as rapidly and as inexpensively as possible!Do you really care whether your dentist has an expensive, animated web site? Or do you just want to be able to book an appointment as rapidly as possible to remove the source of the suffering?In each of the scenarios above, you just want a professional to come and sort your predicament out for you. The likelihood is you’ll either;- use somebody you’ve used before who did an excellent job for you- or you will ask a colleague for a recommendation- or you’ll quickly do a search on the web for someone within your vicinity- or perhaps seek out a leaflet which you noticed drop through your letterboxHopefully you can see where you should focus your advertising efforts. Instead of costly advertising campaigns and branding exercises, concentrate on your customer care, on your search engine position and on direct response marketing approaches.People don’t care about your logo or your web site, they are concerned much more about what you do for them and how well you are able to do it! Focus in these areas, and your business will grow much more rapidly!