Which Of These 7 Small Business Marketing Mistakes Do You Make?

Running a small business is no walk in the park. You got employees to manage. Bills to pay. Customers to keep happy. Competition to fight off. And on top of that, you must use some kind of small business marketing to keep a steady stream of new customers walking through your doors and buying from you.But how do you do that?What’s the best kind of small business marketing to use?And what mistakes must you avoid in your next marketing campaign?Those are the questions I address in this short article. Give it a read and enjoy.Which Of These 7 Small Business Marketing Mistakes Do You Make?:1. Image Based Advertising.Do not fall into the belief that you have to “get your name out there”. That is a waste of your money. And it will not send new customers through your doors. Instead focus all of your marketing dollars on direct response advertising.2. No offer.Make sure every small business marketing piece you send out contains the strongest offer you can make. In fact, your offer is the most important piece to your campaign. So give away something that is so irresistible, no sane human could refuse it.3. Wrong Prospect.Sending a great marketing piece that contains all the right elements… to the wrong prospect… is a recipe for disaster. Think of it like trying to sell ice to eskimos. It just won’t work.4. Boring.Here’s another classic mistake. Being boring. No, you should not entertain your audience into buying from you. This is what big companies do during Super Bowl commercials. Instead, you must be different, fun and at times outrageous if you want your marketing to make a big splash and deliver maximum results.5. No Engaging Headline.The first thing you must do is get your prospect’s attention. That’s what your headline is for. It’s job it to seize your prospect’s attention, and then get him or her reading the next line of your piece.6. No Deadline.The purpose of a deadline is to get someone to buy from you right now. For this reason, you must include a deadline on every marketing piece you send out.7. No Call To Action.What do you want your prospect to do? This is very important. And you must include it in your call to action. Remember, this is the delicate point in the sale when you must be crystal clear.So there you have it.Seven small business marketing mistakes that far too many businesses make.