2 Small Business Marketing Mistakes Most Owners Make

With respect to small business marketing, the secret to achieving success is to recognize that you are marketing a small business and not a huge corporation. This may sound obvious, but when it comes to advertising a business, size truly does matter! Small business marketing is very different to marketing a larger company.For example, if you were to go and search right now on ‘marketing companies’, the results delivered would list numerous advertising professionals offering to ‘brand your company’ or perhaps ‘manage your advertising campaign’. A significant percentage might also be offering to provide you with a flash website that will wow your visitors.Most of these solutions appear extremely impressive, and no doubt they are. They also have not one but two additional things in common:- They’re extremely costly- They do not work for small businessesFor those 2 reasons, entrepreneurs and small business owners need to stay clear of these kinds of services, mainly because all they’ll succeed in doing is draining your company bank account!Think about the points I’m making from your own viewpoint for a moment.When you require a plumber are you interested in how eye-catching a plumber’s business logo is? No, you just want a professional to come and repair your water pipes as rapidly and as inexpensively as possible!Do you really care whether your dentist has an expensive, animated web site? Or do you just want to be able to book an appointment as rapidly as possible to remove the source of the suffering?In each of the scenarios above, you just want a professional to come and sort your predicament out for you. The likelihood is you’ll either;- use somebody you’ve used before who did an excellent job for you- or you will ask a colleague for a recommendation- or you’ll quickly do a search on the web for someone within your vicinity- or perhaps seek out a leaflet which you noticed drop through your letterboxHopefully you can see where you should focus your advertising efforts. Instead of costly advertising campaigns and branding exercises, concentrate on your customer care, on your search engine position and on direct response marketing approaches.People don’t care about your logo or your web site, they are concerned much more about what you do for them and how well you are able to do it! Focus in these areas, and your business will grow much more rapidly!

Online Marketing – 5 Tips to Improve Your Internet Business Marketing

Want to learn 5 simple tips to make sure you’re investing your time wisely when it comes to your business marketing? Read on and learn where to invest your time that will pay the greatest dividends for your Internet-based business.1. Create products and develop services to offer your clients. These products and services need to be your own creation so you have something unique to offer people. This can include an ebook, a video course, or personalized perfume business. In order for your business marketing to be a success, you will need to have something of value to offer people.The products you offer represent your personal brand, so make sure they are of the highest quality possible. If you’re writing an ebook, make it full of meaty content and make sure you have it proofed by someone who knows grammar and punctuation (but not all that stiff stuff your seventh grade English teacher taught you). Remember: these products represent you and are an integral part of your online reputation.2. Start an affiliate program for your products and get others to sell your video course or eBook for you. Go to blogs and websites that are somehow related to your product and see if they’re interested in selling for you. Make sure it’s a related topic, though. There’s no sense in marketing an eBook about Internet marketing on a site devoted to car repair.Offer a hefty percentage of sales to the affiliates and watch your business marketing sales roll in! Investing your time in affiliate sales can really pay dividends in the long run as the affiliates’ subscribers are turned on to your product.3. Build on your relationships with other marketers and suggest joint-venture programs with them. If you’re offering an online video course on how to create an online video course, see if you can find a marketer who offers courses on public speaking or looking good on camera. It will be a marriage made in marketing heaven.4. Learn all you can by taking the courses offered by marketers you admire. You’ll learn firsthand what make them a success. See how they create their ebooks or video courses, then take what you’ve learned and create your own products (see #1 above) that are uniquely yours.5. Hire someone to write your eBook if you don’t have the time for it. Maybe you’re starting your Internet business in your spare time while still holding down a 9 to 5, or you’ve got kids at home and just can’t find the time to crank out an eBook while making sure Johnny doesn’t crawl out in the street. There are many freelance writing sites out there (Elance.com and Guru.com) that will help you find the perfect writer for your needs.The nice thing about Elance.com and Guru.com is that you set the price. Just say that you’ll pay someone $150 to write an 80-page eBook and see how many offers you get. Then just pick the writer you like the best.

Andy Phillips’ Business Marketing Revealed – A Game Changer

A change has exploded in marketing. This year is witnessing a seismic industry change in online marketing – one of the biggest industry shakeouts that happen only once in a generation. It’s happening, and only because there is now nowhere for mediocrity to hide because of the exploding growth in savvy internet users, and their exploitation of social media websites.Until now, it has been reasonably easy for many people, (mainly men) to make fortunes by exploiting the desires and dreams of entrepreneurs and people who are prepared to invest for a better life. Most sold such rubbish that the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission in America, the Regulator) had to step in and regulate the activity of ‘internet marketers’ which led to them falling out of favour with merchant accounts, and other payment gateways.A few, however, sold really useful training and coaching services which served to educate and inform, and it became important to understand how to spot the wolf while wearing sheep clothing.The Brits have an international reputation for being cynical and hard to convince, more prone than many to require proof – they are not given to hard evangelical selling tactics often deployed in other parts of the world. The Brits have now turned to two of their own, men of integrity who are now leading the world when it comes to Business Marketing for entrepreneurs.Simon Zutshi is best known as the founder of the number one Property Investor Network in the UK, with local network groups in Birmingham, London, Nottingham, and Reading to name but a few, yet his expertise and knowledge extend well beyond Property. Simon is one of those entrepreneurs who does what he teaches, and his expertise is built on a solid foundation of success in many different business environments.Andy Phillips is one of those rare marketers with proven success on the internet, and he stands for a style and system of marketing in business that works. He is the main architect of the system that is changing the face of Business Marketing Online, and the catalyst for exposing this scandal.They got together to create the ultimate product in business marketing for entrepreneurs, “Business Marketing Revealed.” I got my hands on a ticket – and this is a summary of what they are teaching.Abundant Marketing Principles
How To Avoid Failing – Ever
Campaign Visibility
The 7 Key Stages Of Success
Behavioural Analysis Profiling
Multiple Ramps
Digital Product CreationAs this message spreads, the contrast with what went before will zoom into sharp focus – the shame that much was taken by so few for so long before men like Zutshi and Phillips stepped in to change an entire industry.Personally, I think these men are at the head of a movement which will shake out the sharks in online and digital marketing. I hope many more, and women too will come forward to create and deepen consumer trust on Marketing.Of course I have a vested interest as one of the first Chartered Marketers in the UK, I have a love for my craft, the craft of carefully translating images and emotions into meaningful moments of truth for products and services. I’m just glad that someone finally, is able to expose the poor performance of this industry – not by adopting negativity, but by providing education that does what it promises – it reveals the latest, proven strategies and tactics in business marketing for entrepreneurs.I wish I’d known their teachings much earlier in my career, I’d have saved a small investors fortune.